Faces of fostering

It’s the team here at Active Care Solutions that makes us different to other independent fostering agencies.

Our staff and foster parents come from many different ethnic backgrounds and follow different faiths, and in some cases have no faith – but each one of us has our own story to tell which led us to ACS.

Below our just some of our stories, describing our own history, culture and beliefs, and what led us to working with children at ACS.

These stories capture what is so unique to us all at Active Care Solutions, despite our different cultures and faiths, we all work together with a common goal, to provide outstanding care to children, which meets their cultural and religious needs.

What makes us different is celebrated, what we don't understand about each others cultures we learn, respect and embrace.

Whatever your culture or beliefs, if you believe in togetherness, ACS is the right independent fostering agency for you.


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If our faces of fostering have inspired you to join our team, get in touch.

Whether you’re ready to start your journey or just want to chat to an expert, where here to talk.

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