My faith…

Islam is very important to me and I see it as the cornerstone in my life.  It shapes my charater and helps with day to day decisions, whether that be in my private or public life.

Early years…

I'm one of six children (second youngest) and we came from a working class background.  I had a difficult childhood trying to fit in with the society around me because of the colour of my skin.  I don't think I truly know/ had confidence in who I was until late on in life.

Hand me downs and making do were part of my childhood.  It taught me valuable life lessons which I have passed on to my children today.  I am proud to say they are  grounded children living in a throw away materialstic culture.

Adult life...

I have definately grown as a person through lifes tests and through me finding my identity.

Once we started a family I decided to be a stay at home mum and I homescholled 3 of my 4 children for 7 years, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It taught me a lot about myself and helped me gain a lot of skills.

I feel I have a good life with my husband and children and Tiger, our cat.


I've mainly worked with children ever since leaving college.

I've run girls groups, after school clubs, playschemes.  I've also done babysitting, creche work and curretly 'm a seamstress for a toy company and for my own bespoke garment venture.

Both my husband and I felt we wanted to foster as we knew that we have a lot to give.  We have a happy home and felt we have done a good job raising our own children. We waited 3 years for all our children to be onboard with the idea and then started our fostering journey.

We recently took the decision to stop fostering due to the unforseen impact it had on our own youngest child.  This has been a difficult step to take.

I am happy to say that I have continued to work with ACS as a support worker, organising the events, supporting foster parents and their children.

Why ACS…

My friend had mentioned ACS when I told her that I was going ahead and looking into fostering companies.

Because ACS stood out as a faith based fostering company, which appealed to both my husband and I, we decided to to apply with them.

Coming from a practising Muslim housefold it was important to us that that we wanted a company that recognises that there are different cultures and religions and that, that is taken into account when a child is placed, so that we continue to practise our faith whilst enriching another childs life with their background culture and beliefs.

Faces of Fostering…

We highlight the people that make Active Care Solutions so different and so special.  We are proud to be a fostering agency that welcomes people of all faith (including those that are not religious) where your religious needs are respected and understood.  We are an ethnically diverse organisation where people work together with one common goal.  To make a difference for young people in foster care.