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Frequently asked questions

There’s a lot you’ll need to know if you are considering becoming a carer offering faith-based foster care.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions we get asked about fostering for you in one place.

If you still can’t find find the answers you are looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0800 917 7937 or by filling out the online enquiry form and one of our friendly team will be happy to answer all of your questions.

  • Will I receive training about different faiths and ethnicities?

    Yes, cultural-specific training is at the core of what we do. We assist carers in learning new skills and working to improving their specialist knowledge, so they are able to care for the children and young people they look after as well as possible, even if that child is of a different faith or ethnicity.

    Our carers are encouraged to attend specialist training and support groups where they can develop their knowledge of different faiths and religions, and share cultural insights.

    Our faith-based training programme to equip carers with the skills necessary to support children with a wide variety of cultural and religious needs.

    The training we provide teaches carers how to respond to the individual needs of foster children from vastly different backgrounds, who will all have a unique set of needs.

  • What is the Birmingham restart fostering programme?

    The Birmingham restart fostering programme is an ACS initiative to provide foster care placements for children and young people who’ve been 
in residential care. This kind of fostering is particularly challenging, because the young people involved will have spent time in care homes and may exhibit difficult and challenging behavior – but the rewards may arguably be greater.

  • What are the benefits of being a faith-based foster carer?

    When you foster with ACS, you receive:

  • What sort of support does ACS offer its foster carers?

    We’re committed to offering you all the support you need to succeed – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a foster carer, you have a vital role in helping looked-after children achieve their full potential. We believe that by passing on our knowledge and experience to you, you’ll be able to make an even bigger difference to the lives of the children in your care. Cultural-specific training is at the core of what we do. We assist carers in learning new skills and working to improving their specialist knowledge.

  • How long does it take to become a foster carer?

    There are six stages to becoming a foster carer and, depending on your circumstances, the process can take five months or less. As a small agency, we’re there for you at every stage of the fostering journey – from the minute you pick up the phone to chat to us to the day you’re approved as an ACS carer – and throughout your fostering career with us.

  • What do I need to become a foster carer?

    You’ll need to be able to offer the young person or persons in your care the security and continuity they need – as well as supporting their specific religious and cultural needs. You’ll need to provide with them a stable, nurturing family home. You don’t need any qualifications necessarily, but some experience in looking after children –your own children, within your extended family, or in a childcare setting. Perhaps you were brought up in care yourself and understand what it is like. Just ask one our friendly team members if you’re not sure, they are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Fostering isn’t always easy, but it’s incredibly rewarding. And with our 24/7 package of training and support, we’re here for you every step of the way.

  • Who can foster?

    Just about anyone! It takes skills that can’t be taught – like patience, compassion, empathy and being able to put a child’s needs before your own. There are, however, some practical considerations. For a quick answer to this question, try our Can I Foster? Q&A.

  • Is my income taxed as a foster carer?

    As a foster carer, you are classed as self-employed, which entitles you to certain tax exemptions. You’ll additionally receive any benefits you are already be entitled to.

  • What sort of allowances and payments are offered to foster carers?

    As a foster carer with ACS, what you can expect to be paid will vary depending on the type of fostering you choose to offer. In general terms, the standard payment for faith-based fostering with ACS varies between £315 and £515 a week.

  • How does ACS differ from other foster care agencies?

    Well, ACS does follow the same model as most fostering agencies, but what makes us stand apart is our commitment to placing children and young people from culturally diverse backgrounds with carers who can cater to their unique needs, either through having similar backgrounds or through relevant training.

  • Do I need to speak more that one language as a faith-based carer?

    Not necessarily – but it would help. As long as you have an understanding of customs and beliefs other than your own, or are open to other cultures, we will offer the support and training you’ll need to become a faith-based carer.

  • What is faith-based fostering?

    As a faith-based fostering agency, we put cultural diversity at the heart of our services. An increasing number of children and young people coming into care are from multi-faith communities – and there is a lack of placements available to meet their specific needs. That’s where we come in!

  • What is fostering?

    Sometimes, because of a family illness, a family breakdown or problems at home, a young person will come into the care of the local authority where they live. That local authority then looks for a placement for the young person that is most appropriate for the child. In doing so, they’ll turn to foster carers within their own fostering service or with a fostering provider like ACS.

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