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Unplug the kids this summer

Well the summer is here, the children are all on holiday so the question we every parent asks themselves at this time of year is how shall we keep the kids entertained.

July 28 2022 - 5 min read

Well the summer is here, the children are all on holiday, so the question every parent asks themselves at this time of year is how shall we keep the kids entertained.

Over the last couple of years we know children have used their tech, perhaps a little more than we would like.  Circumstances have meant they have had little choice with so many restrictions in place, which has hit our young people very hard.  But that reliance on tech soon becomes entrenched.

This summer we are living near normal lives so let’s do what we can to encourage our young people to unplug this summer and make the most of their freedom.

Here are some great ideas if you are looking for inspiration:

#TIP 1

Explore the Great Outdoors

By getting out and about we can make memories by doing activities the whole family can enjoy.  Some activities you could do include a neighbourhood scavenger hunt, family camping in the garden, a family bike ride or if you’re feeling really creative and you don’t mind what the neighbours think – how’s about decorating the drive with chalk.

#TIP 2

Encourage creativity

A child’s education stretches far beyond the classroom; it extends into the environment where we live and play.  There are many things you can do to get creative including making a journey stick, playing games, even board games outside, getting children to put on a play for your entertainment or host your own garden summer Olympics.

#TIP 3

Explore sensory activities

Help your child get in touch with all of their senses this summer with fun activities.  Fruit picking, a walk in the woods, walking bare foot on grass, a trip to a beach or simply watching a sunset are all great ways of getting in touch with our sense of sight, touch, sound and smell.

#TIP 4

Plan Fun Outings

Did you know that research shows that a dedicated day out can seriously improve communication within a family?  What’s not to love.  Remember you can make some great saving on day trips this summer through the Reward Gateway on The Exchange.  But for older children, you can make it a real fun learning opportunity too.  Give them the budget for the day, get them to plan the activity, the food, how you are going to get there, all within a set budget – you might have the time of your life too, going with their flow!

#TIP 5

Get Busy in the kitchen.

Engaging young people at an early age can spark a lifelong love of baking.  Check out this webpage from BBC Good Food for great recipe ideas.

For more ideas of activities this summer, we love this blog from Run Wild My Child.

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