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Fostering with a disability

We are committed to equality and diversity and welcome applications from everyone, including people with physical disabilities and or mental health conditions. 

In fact, our team currently includes people with a range of conditions, all of whom are fostering successfully. Their experiences are often an advantage in helping understand the needs of foster children with disabilities and mental health challenges of their own.

It’s important to understand however, that looking after vulnerable children and young people can be extremely challenging and will place great demands on you, both physically and mentally, so we need to be sure that you’ll be able to provide consistent and high levels of care. Just as importantly, we’ll need to know that your own health won’t be affected either.

How do we evaluate disability and mental health?

During your assessment we’ll get to know you well, and we’ll talk about the role and responsibilities of fostering and the challenges you’ll face, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision. We’ll also ask you to undertake a medical examination with your own GP. This is standard practice, and something we ask all foster parents to do. When we have all the information, we’ll make a final decision in the best interests of everyone. In making this decision we take a number of factors in to account, including  the nature and severity of your condition, how long you’ve lived with it and any medications you’re currently taking. But you can be sure that we’re committed to supporting you however we can.

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Fostering and your benefits

As a foster parent with ACS, you’ll receive a regular fostering payment and other allowances. These will not affect any other allowances you’re receiving, such as your Disability Living Allowance.

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Faith-based Fostering

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Frequently asked questions

Can you foster if you have pets?

Yes you can, in fact pets can make a great addition to a fostering household for many children. Although having pets will be a matching consideration, for example for a child with allergies or if a child is frightened or can be mean to animals.

Do I have to be married to foster?

No you don't. If you are applying as an unmarried couple we will ask you questions about the length of your relationship and how long you have lived together. If your relationship is new, we will ask you to wait before applying.

Do I need to speak more than one language as a faith-based foster parent?

Not necessarily – but it would help. As long as you have an understanding of customs and beliefs other than your own, or are open to other cultures, we will offer the support and training you’ll need to become a faith-based foster parent.

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