Kids Hub

This is an area for young people living with a foster family at ACS

Who are ACS?

We are an Independent Fostering agency, you might sometime hear us called Active Care Solutions (that's our posh name, but we like ACS).  We have a number of foster families who live across the country providing family homes for children of all ages.

We are separate to Children’s Services but we work closely with them to make sure you are ok. We want to make sure that you are happy, comfortable and safe during the time you are living with our carers.

We have our own social workers to support you and your foster carer, we have people who we can get advice from about your education and we have groups and get together for you and your carers, so you can have your say.

In this area you can download a copy of our Young People's guide and provide feedback to us. We always read every single form we receive as what you say is really important to us.