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We want to build a community of professional and highly skilled foster parents, so that every child has the best chance of achieving their full potential.

Welcome to the ACS Financial Calculator. Our foster parents are recognised for the hard work and dedication they give to the children in their care. We pay a generous fostering allowance that reflects your professional role in our team.

The calculator is designed to give you an idea of your fostering income, based on a full year. The content is for guidance only. Some foster parents can foster the same child for a full year or even longer, some foster parents may have gaps in between children in their care.

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What does the fostering allowance cover?

The allowance is first and foremost to ensure you can care for a child and cover all of their expenses including food, clothing, activies, bills and transport.  But the allowance also rewards you for your hard work.

And that's not all, HMRC also reward foster parents too, so many foster parents pay little or no tax at all.

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Other benefits available to you when you foster with ACS

We give our foster parents the choice between a twice yearly bonus or 14 days’ paid respite care each year. This is equivalent to the cost of a holiday.  This means our foster parents can make the decision which is right for them as a family.  Sometimes we all need a well earned break, in which case we'll arange for another foster parent to look after your foster child whilst you take a break.  However, if it's best for you and the children you care for to take a family holiday together, our bonus can make this possible.

Great rewards and benefits for foster parents

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Tax & National Insurance

Find out how foster parents pay very low levels of tax, if any at all due to generous allowance provided by HMRC.

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Fostering & claiming benefits

Fostering doesn't affect means tested benefits as your fostering allowance isn't classed as income in the same way as other work.

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