We have fostered with ACS for about two years. I worked in a hotel as a receptionist and Daniel is a self-employed taxi driver.

My husband and I already had two children of our own and two adopted children. Fifteen years later, three of them had flown the nest and we felt the time was right to look into using our parenting skills to foster.

ACS is great to work with and they offer training opportunities to improve our skills. They treat us like equals and there are no worries about calling them. We can even call their out-of-hours team in the middle of the night if we need help or advice. We attend a foster carers’ support group meeting once a month where all foster carers have the opportunity to share their experiences and encourage each other.

Our proudest moments in fostering are when we know we’re making progress in areas we thought were impossible at first. It's great to see the gradual change in the little things. Like when the boy in our care at the moment feels he can come to us with questions and when he needs guidance, and he listens to what we say.

Of course, fostering can be hard at times. But it’s the most wonderful feeling is to see our boy smiling and the sparkle in his eyes. It makes it all worthwhile.