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ACS celebrate 50 years since man landed on the moon

July 17 2019 - 2 min read

50 years ago today, Neil Armstrong took his first step on to the moon, closely followed by Buzz Aldrin.

Now we all know that it was a space race between the USA and the USSR that led to this achievement with the American’s being the first to land. But 50 years on and due in no small part to the words of Neil Armstrong we don’t think of man’s trip to the moon as being an American achievement, more an achievement of mankind’s abilities.

So why is this worth a mention here at Active Care Solutions?

Here at ACS we are all about togetherness, a group of likeminded individuals from different ethnicities and religions working together to achieve a common goal – providing vulnerable children with safe, caring, nurturing families for as long as they need them.

There has been a lot of coverage on TV and Radio as we approached the moon landings anniversary about the next phase of space travel – walking on the surface of Mars.

Planning is already underway – and unlike the moon landing; to achieve this goal – different countries are working together, government agencies alongside private enterprises.

This just proves, when you need to achieve something that’s difficult, challenging and worthwhile – the way to achieve this is to find your common ground and find your strengths in your collective collaboration. The differences that can set you apart - makes you stronger and more successful when you work together.

Just like at ACS, we come from many different backgrounds and have had different parenting experiences as a result of our upbringing in different cultures and faiths. But by working together we are able to specialise in giving children the care they need that recognises and celebrates their own heritage.

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